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Summer Program

Pioneers in the computer and gaming industry, PowerGPU has extended an invitation to local students to participate in our summer program. Students will learn about individual computer components and their functionality, receive hands on instructions on building the computer and learn about PowerGPU and how to become an influencer online by using social media platforms and streaming.

Welcoming students ages 15- 23

Please note that the summer program runs for a 1 week session from the day you select.

Summer Program FAQs

Welcome to our first PowerGPU summer program!

Students grades 9- 12th grade and college level freshman through senior but must fall between the age group of 15 through age 23 max.

If your child is interested in computers, technology, gaming, streaming then this is the program for them. PowerGPU will give hands on instruction on how to build a computer along with provide instruction on how we use streaming as influencers in a worldwide community.

The program runs for $199. If you are interested in your child being able to build their own computer to take home then our team can provide an estimate for the computer components.

Day one of the program will begin with an overall orientation that both students and parents can attend to provide an introduction to who PowerGPU is and what we do in the community. This will be followed by first day instructions on computer components and building.

Each class will be about 2 hours of instruction and hands on learning.

PowerGPU is okay with parents staying with their children during the instruction. If a parent decides to stay and just wait for the student then we encourage them to wait in the lobby. 

PowerGPU will provide all needed tools.

Certain components can cling on to clothing so we recommend to wear clothing that you don’t mind getting damaged. PowerGPU will not be responsible for any stained or torn clothing.

All participants will have a tour of the PowerGPU facility.

We would like to personally thank all the parents who are encouraging their children to join a stem program! Careers in technology are the future and what a great way to have your child get hands on experience in the field at a young age. 

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