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We stated this was the year to give back and what better way to support the gaming community who supported us throughout our journey here. In 2022 a company’s sudden closure left many without their computers or their funds. We would like to announce that in an effort to get together as an online community, as the unified gaming community that we are, we want to help and support those who were both financially and emotionally hurt by the actions of this company. PowerGPU and it’s many partners have come together to donate 50 PCs to the gaming community particularly affected by Artesian.




We would like to give a special thanks to these Partners. When we considered the idea to help out the community in this manner they did not hesitate to want to help. That is what true community is about. Of course we could not do this without our amazing Sponsorships who work tirelessly to grow and support their communities. We want to give a special thanks to them because their assistance in sharing with their communities is what can help make the final push to completion in the BIGGEST Gaming Community Collaboration of 2022.

The brand that we love to use because of their quality, DEEPCOOL, has donated x50 coolers

Such a great brand because of the quality of their cases, Phanteks has donated cases to the mission.

Partners like Enermax did not hesitate to help and were one of the first to donate products towards the cause.

Our Partners at Kingston have done an amazing contribution in providing SSDs and RAM for the giveback event.

Our partners at Mushkin who have support us as a brand have contributed quality RAM and SSDs.

VastGG has graciously supported our efforts and has contributed towards the purchase of the graphics cards for the PCs

Our Partners at Aperion donated funds towards components that will support our cause

Visiontek stepped in and contributed RAM to the mission and truly greatful!

Our newest partner at Metro donated funds towards components that will support our cause.

Micron has graciously supported our efforts by donating SSD Storage and RAM!

Our largest GPU supporter, EVGA, is donating power supplies, mouse, keyboards and capture cards!

Our Partners at ASUS donated funds towards components that will support our cause

Our partners at NZXT donated CPU's, Motherboards and Power Supplies to support our cause!

OUR Partners

OUR Partners


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