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BEACN USB C Dynamic Mic – Light

$279.00 exclude Vat.


$279.00 exclude Vat.

Product Description:

BEACN Mic revolutionizes broadcast microphone setups by combining the best of recording studio quality, digital signal processing and USB compatibility. In a few minutes, you can sound like a broadcast pro. Use our easy application (free download) to tweak a few settings and you’ll sound amazing.

Monitor your voice and system sounds in real time with our powerful, clean built in headphone amplifier. Real-time adaptive denoising removes fans, air conditioners and other steady state noises from your signal, leaving just your clear, great sounding voice ready to create content, chat, meet or game. Our integrated customizable RGB light ring lets you give personality to your video and can give valuable feedback too, like mute or level indicator modes.


  • USB C connectivity for modern applications
  • Broadcast Dynamic Capsule – Smooth, rich sound with high off-axis rejection
  • RGB Lighting – customizable lighting that can react to your audio, mute state and more
  • DSP Powered – A full suite of studio-grade effects right inside the microphone so you’ll sound great wherever you go. Settings are saved on board and recalled instantly
  • Real-Time Denoising – Automatically remove steady state sounds like fans, air conditioning, and other environmental noises
  • Mounting – US/EU threads and easy to adjust swivel connector
  • Cable Management – integrated clip helps keep your setup neat and tidy
  • Cables Included – 3M USB C cable, USB C to A adapter, 1M headphone extension cable

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