Klutch Series Mouse Pad

$39.99 exclude Vat.


Our Extended mousepads are handcrafted from the finest, most durable materials that allow you to get the most out of your game. Their extra-long frames allow for bigger and more extreme maneuvers, which means you’ll never run out of room again. These pads also feature a smooth polyester material on the top, rugged stitches on the edges and strong rubber backing on the bottom. United, these materials create a mousepad with a premium look and feel that any gamer will appreciate. You haven’t had a true gaming experience until you’ve played on one of these magnificent PowerPGU mousepads!

Large area makes mouse movement easier and more precise. It’s great for keeping your keyboard and mouse organized. Simple design.
Size: 35” x 16” inches. Thickness: approx. 4 mm. Smooth cloth top with rubber base for traction. Vibrant colors. Machine washable.

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