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PowerGPU Recommends Windows

Watch or play games like never before!

Powered By Intel or AMD

Processors with Extraordinary Performance

Powered by GeForce RTX™ Series

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$149.99 exclude Vat.


$149.99 exclude Vat.

Product Description:
  • The flagship 990 PRO and 990 PRO with heatsink is a premium NVMe Gen 4 internal SSD providing the best gaming experience with ultimate power efficiency and thermal control solutions.
  • Optimized for real-world and gaming workloads with up to 65% improvement in random performance to the 980 PRO (1,400k/1,550k for Random Read/Write)
  • Reaching the PCIe Gen4 performance limits showing up to 7,450/6,900MB/s for Sequential Read/Write
  • Power efficiency improved up to 50% than the 980 PRO thanks to the new 8nm controller with low power architecture
  • Heatsink model maximizes the cooling effect and prevents performance degradation due to overheating
  • Optimized to support DirectStorage API technology showing faster game loading and playing times
  • Slim and futuristic designed heatsink with RGB lights.
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