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Buying a PC vs. Building a PC

Buying a PC vs. Building a PC: Which One Should You Choose?

Are you wondering whether to buy or build a PC? Follow through with this blog post as we have compiled everything you need to know to make the appropriate decision. Whether you want to buy a prebuilt computer or get the components and build it on your own, consider owning a computer a serious investment that requires research, money, and time. 

Buying a prebuilt computer is a good idea if you are pressed for time. However, you may have limited components and also later experience drawbacks. If your main desire is quality, you can build a PC. Power GPU is a custom pc builder that you can trust. Building a pc can be costly, and user errors can even cost you more. Follow this guide and learn more from us.

Key Factors To Consider

Ensure you know what you will use the PC for to determine whether you should buy or build it. It will help you choose the specifications you need. Below is the list we have created with terms and the specifications you may come across in the buying process to help you get started.  

CPU Power

The power of your processor or CPU primarily determines the power of your PC. We employ various ways to measure the power of a CPU, but the most common is looking at the clock speed, represented in Gigahertz(GHz). The higher the GHz, the more powerful the CPU. 

Storage Size

Here, several factors matter, for instance, the number of files and programs among other media you can comfortably install on the computer. We measure it in Gigabytes or Terabytes. The hard drive is responsible for storage in your computer. 


All the data you currently use in your computer gets stored in the RAM (random access memory). Before upgrading, you must ensure the motherboard supports the additional RAM. 

GPU Power

How powerful is the graphics card? The GPU is a great contributor to the power of your machine. To measure GPU strength, we use clock speed. You must also consider the VRAM and the GPU’s memory.

Building a PC

Building a new PC successfully is a gratifying experience. To complete the procedure and have a powerful and long-lasting machine, you will have gone through hours of work backed by extensive research. It can get stressful, expensive, and challenging to think through compatibility issues and user errors. 

Advantages of Building a PC 

Below are the top advantages of building a PC;

Better Overall Quality

Consider building a PC if you need peak performance. Building your PC allows you to hand-select the components you want for the computer based on your current and projected needs. It also results in better quality and longevity.

It Is Less Expensive In the Long Term

At first, building the PC may be costly compared to buying a prebuilt one, mainly because of purchasing the components individually. It results in better build quality, giving the computer a longer life span. In the long run, it saves you a lot of money as such computers do not require repairs or replacements.

Easier To Fix

The building makes you familiar with each part so that when one component fails, you can identify it and fix it. It comes with extra features that you can fix without incurring additional costs. 

Disadvantages of Building a PC

The disadvantages you may encounter are;

User Errors

You may enjoy building your PC but be prepared because it may be one of the most challenging tasks you have completed if it is your first build. Tiny user errors can cost you dearly. They can result in a snapped cable or a broken pin, which can end up ruining expensive components. 

It Is More Costly Upfront

If you want to build your PC, you will incur expenses like those of limited quantities of components or shipping fees. A  pre-built PC has none of those costs as all the parts get included in the price of the PC. 

Part Compatibility

The parts must be compatible for the machine to function according to your needs. Each part has requirements for the other parts to meet to function appropriately, so you must know about compatibility matters. 

Buying a PC

Buying a prebuilt computer saves you time because you get to use it immediately after the purchase. You need no additional procedures to make it usable. 

Advantages of Buying a PC

Consider the following advantages to determine if this is the route you want to take;

Quick Delivery

When you want to build your computer, you will need to deal with a lot of tracking numbers and delivery dates. In addition, you will need to wait for all the components to arrive to use anything. With a prebuilt PC, you can get apps and softwares installed. 

Plug and Play

A prebuilt PC is convenient because you only need to power it and begin using it immediately.  

Cost Effective

Manufacturers can buy parts in bulk and reduce the cost of the PCs. That explains why some companies offer discounts on prebuilt computers. 

Disadvantages of Buying a PC

Before buying that computer, consider these disadvantages;

Limited Configurations

Prebuilt PCs are very limited in configurations as manufacturers buy parts in bulk to build lots of the same machines. There are components you will just have to settle on.


Since you are unfamiliar with the components, establishing where the problem is can be challenging when you want to repair your prebuilt PC. It will require you to have the entire machine serviced.

Build Quality

The manufacturers make the prebuilt computers less expensive by using low-cost components in areas they consider “less important.” They focus on the core parts like the GPU and the CPU because they directly impact the PC’s power.

You now know better whether to build or buy your PC. The machine accomplishes the same purpose, but different paths are involved. If you are busy and do not want to compromise on quality, consider getting a pre-built computer to save time and maintain quality. 

At PowerGPU, we have trustworthy Custom PC builders who believe in using parts with the highest quality. Warranties from reliable manufacturers back the parts we use to ensure that each custom build lasts longer. For more information, check us out at

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