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Are Pre-Built Gaming PCs Worth It?

There was a time when deciding whether to build your gaming system from scratch or buy the best pre-built gaming alternative PC depended only on your desires. You had a choice between putting all the parts together, building a system as a hobby and saving some money, or knowing that your latest system would work out of the box. Unfortunately, those days are over as the chip supply bottleneck has worsened. It has made the decision more difficult for do-it-yourselfers. You will only save money if you buy a prebuilt gaming PC from a reputable company. However, both assembling and buying your new PC presents advantages and disadvantages. Below you will find everything you need to make an informed decision.

Prebuilt Gaming PC: What Are They?

Before you get into the pros and cons of pre-built gaming PCs, you should understand what they mean. A pre-built gaming PC is a fully assembled PC that you can use immediately. All you have to do is turn it on, and you are ready to play. Pre-built gaming PCs are available from several vendors today, from custom gaming PC manufacturers to major retailers.

Advantages of pre-built gamer PCs

Is it true that pre-built gaming PCs do everything they are spotlighted to do? Let us investigate. The main advantages of buying a pre-built gaming PC are the following;

Excellent For All Knowledge Levels

Gaming can be challenging for individuals new to the PC gaming arena. Fortunately, pre-built gaming PCs are a great way to start with PC gaming, as they do not require much prior experience. Ideally, manufacturers offer pre-built gaming PCs that are easy to plug in and play, much like video game consoles. You plug them into an electrical outlet, turn them on, and start playing.

You Get A Safe, Stable, And Efficient System

If you try to create your game PC, you may face a maze of compatibility issues, balance issues, and reliability issues. Worse, you can quickly damage your computer if you choose the wrong parts or have the wrong features, e.g., RAM and motherboard. With pre-built gaming PCs, the manufacturers have done all the work for you. A pre-built gaming PC from a reputable manufacturer ensures a balanced, stable, and reliable gaming system.

Gamers Get Value For Their Money

Considering the skyrocketing cost of GPUs, pre-built gaming PCs offer excellent value for money these days. In many cases, buying one of the best AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards costs more than buying a pre-built gaming PC, which includes exactly one of the graphics cards mentioned above. It is because PC manufacturers can buy the graphics cards cheaper than you, thanks to economies of scale. On the other hand, you may only need a few graphics cards. So if you are looking for a gaming PC with a powerful graphics processor, buying a pre-built gaming computer with a graphics card is usually cheaper.

The Disadvantages Of Pre-Built Gamer Computers

Like any other electronic product, pre-built gaming PCs also have some disadvantages. Below is a list of what most gamers consider to be the disadvantages of pre-built computers.

Pre-Built Gamer Computers Are Often Difficult To Upgrade

If you buy a pre-built gaming computer, upgrading it later can be challenging. However, this is usually subject to the manufacturer. While upgrading parts like RAM is easy, upgrading larger parts like a motherboard or CPU can be complicated, partly due to compatibility issues.

In addition, some manufacturers of pre-built computers for gamers have designed their systems to make upgrading impossible. Certain pre-built PCs, for example, use adhesives instead of screws and bolts to hold components in place; this, of course, makes rebuilding the system after an upgrade much more difficult.

It Is Difficult To Get The Specifications You Want

Religious Gaming PC enthusiasts often want to include their favorite parts in their new gaming PC. Whether you want to include Intel’s latest Alder Lake CPUs or NVIDIA’s dedicated GeForce RTX graphics card, finding a pre-built gaming PC that includes these exact parts is challenging. It is the main reason most gamers build their gaming PC instead of buying a pre-built unit.

Pre-Built Gamer Computers Are Difficult To Repair

It can be difficult to repair pre-built gaming PCs, much like it can be difficult to upgrade them. For example, when a part breaks, it can take time to determine its specifications, making it difficult to find the right replacement component. In addition, pre-built gaming PCs are difficult to disassemble and reassemble due to their design.

Should You Purchase A Pre-Built Gaming PC?

Building gaming PCs is costly but fun, as it can provide intrinsic value and connection to your creation. You’ll also have to ensure the balance and compatibility of your system are okay. Conversely, pre-built systems can be excellent if you want to buy a new gaming computer but find building your own computer expensive. For example, the necessary components, including graphics cards, can be expensive. In addition to being more affordable, they are also covered by warranties. Unless you’re not on a budget, buying a pre-made gaming PC is the way to go.

When you buy a gaming PC from PowerGPU, you save time, and our specialists can customize each beautiful PC design to your unique needs. To ensure the longevity of each custom build, PowerGPU uses the best quality components backed by product warranties. For more information on our custom PC build options, please visit We believe buying a custom gaming computer PC should be straightforward with fast deliveries. It’s no wonder our company thrives by consistently providing quality services. Our products can offer you the most value, whether in the gaming, streaming, or video editing industry. We welcome you to the offices of PowerGPU at 762 Park Ave. Youngsville, NC 27596, and see what we have in store for you, which you can also see on our website.

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